Gama Residencial

A Toyotomi possui uma vasta gama de aparelhos de ar condicionado do tipo residencial da mais alta qualidade, que garantem um aquecimento e arrefecimento do ar interior perfeito, eficiente e amigo do ambiente. Descubra qual a série que satisfaz exatamente as suas necessidades.

  • Satori Eco II

    Satori Eco II (4)

    Our standard serie air conditioning. This air conditioner range offers a slim and stylish design, in combination with high efficiency and perfect comfort for an affordable price.

  • Sonzai

    Sonzai (4)

    High performance air conditioning. The combination of technological quality, the versatility of operation and a simple and elegant design makes the Sonzai the ideal air conditioner for your home.

  • UMI

    UMI (4)

    The energy-saving design. An intelligent choice for those seeking greater comfort, the energy-saving design provides a comfortable indoor environment while being environment-friendly.

  • Izuru All DC Inverter

    Izuru All DC Inverter (6)

    The smartest air conditioner. Combining high performance, elegant design and a host of features IZURU All DC Inverter will become your air conditioner. Thanks to its high energy yields, it guarantees ideal temperatures in winter or summer, with the lowest possible consumption.

  • Kuro

    Kuro (4)

    The air conditioner of the new era . TOYOTOMI KURO DC INVERTER air conditioners are equipped with advanced technology that takes care of your comfort. With the energy class A+++ and the new R-32 refrigerant, they guarantee maximum efficiency with minimum consumption. With your mobile phone or tablet you can create the ideal conditions, wherever you are!

  • Consola

    Consola (3)

    The console models offer a higher comfort level, thanks to the double airflow, sober and elegant design, and reduced dimensions, allowing for great versatility. The easy access to the filter facilitates convenient maintenance and cleaning. Available in a range of three different power capacities, it can be coupled with both mono and multi outdoor units.